Liv Lane, intuitive adviser and author. Inspired guidance to light up your life with clarity, purpose and joy.

Craving clarity, purpose and joy? Fantastic!

I’m a regular girl with an extraordinary job. Every day, I get to take brave-hearted, open-minded women by the hand and help them light up their lives with clarity, purpose and joy. Holy wow. 

As an intuitive adviser, I receive crazy-cool insights from the Great Beyond to help you make sense of your past, find magic in your now and unearth the path to your big, bright future.

For years, I hid my abilities while I climbed the corporate ladder, worried people would call me crazy for hearing divine guidance and seeing an army of angels. But after a cosmic cocktail of hardship and heartbreak cracked me open and invited me to start anew, I knew I had to honor the gifts I was given. And as soon as I did, I saw how incredibly spirit-lifting and life-shifting the wisdom coming through was for others.

Want to know my favorite part of this extraordinary job? I’ve seen time and time again that when you light up your life, you become a human sparkler – you can’t help but use your life to light up the world! Ready to illuminate your awesomeness? Get started below…

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