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Click to learn more about Liv LaneCraving clarity? Missing joy? Fantastic!

I’m so glad that longing for something more has led you here. I’d LOVE to help you come alive — intuitively, artfully, joyfully.

Growing up, I figured everyone could see angels and spirits like me. Turns out…not so much. Worried I’d look crazy, I dimmed my light and hid my gifts for years.

That is, until a cosmic cocktail of hardship and heartbreak nearly knocked me out. Dancing with darkness made me crave the light – and I was willing to do anything to find it again, including coming clean about my intuitive gifts. That leap of faith was the best decision ever. 

Today, I blend my work as a professional intuitive with my passion for helping creative, compassionate women who feel ready to light up their lives.

Sound like you? Ready to make magic? Then let’s make sparks fly!


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