about liv lane - photo by jennifer liv olsonI believe we are all born full of light, like baby fireflies ready to shine up the world.

But as we grow up, the challenges and expectations we face are enough to knock our lights out. I know what it’s like to live in the dark. Been there, done that. I also know what it’s like to reclaim your sparks and light up your life. Done that, too.

During my 20s and early 30s, I built a successful communications career as a radio host, publicist and co-founder of a multi-million dollar media company.

But I was sitting on a big secret. 

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rectangle - official bioI had grown up seeing and hearing spirits and angels, and knew a huge part of my success was due to my supercharged intuition. The ways I felt guided into one amazing opportunity after another was mind-boggling. I kept it under wraps, fearful people would think me crazy or resent my quiet superpower. But hiding my truth slowly crushed my spirit and obstructed my connection to the Great Beyond.

Then, in 2003, motherhood rocked my world and cracked my heart open. A long journey through postpartum depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) forced me to recalibrate and change course. As I emerged from that dark time, my intuition came roaring back, stronger than ever before. It was clear I was being led to something more, into a deeper calling. Funny how our greatest challenges often house our greatest opportunities, right?

I left corporate life in 2007 to be a creative entrepreneur (copywriting for clients, hosting a radio show, selling my art), until I got brave enough to step into my calling as an intuitive adviser. I spent several years embracing and fine-tuning my abilities to communicate with Spirit in order to help illuminate people’s life paths. Today, it is such a joy and privilege to lead online classes and live workshops, provide intuitive readings (Firecracker Calls), and speak to audiences across the U.S. about the power of purpose, passion and inspired action.

Infinite Purpose by Liv Lane and Lori PortkaMy newest and largest endeavor yet is my book with Lori Portka, called Infinite Purpose: Care Instructions for Your True Calling, Beyond exciting!

I live in beautiful Minnesota with my husband Brad, two precious and busy boys, and an invisible army of angels. Want to know more about my journey and regularly receive Spirit’s divine guidance? Great! Just sign up for my free weekly e-newsletter called Lift+Shift right here.


fact or fiction

I once shared grapes with Wolf Blitzer backstage during a presidential speech.

During junior high, I met Oprah by dressing in my grandma’s clothes and pretending I was 18 in order to attend a taping at her show.

I took Judy Blume to her old elementary school in Miami, where she read her books to the students.

I created an exhibit celebrating women’s wisdom that travelled to 11 states and was installed at the national Women’s Museum.

I once took a real-life squirrel to New York City for an appearance on Fox News; hardest part was finding a hotel that allowed rodents to stay overnight!

Kenny Loggins told me I was his best interviewer ever. He swallowed at least 30 pills…err, supplements…during our chat.

My first concert was Russian rock band Gorky Park – and the next day, I performed with them.


Drumroll, please….THEY’RE ALL TRUE!



Thanks for sharing this, dear heart!