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Liv Lane
 is an intuitive adviser who has inspired thousands of brave-hearted, open-minded women to leap into their bright futures with clarity and confidence. She is co-author of Infinite Purpose: Care Instructions for Your True Calling, released in late 2015.

For nearly two decades, Liv built a successful career in communications as a radio host, publicist and media company co-founder, quietly leveraging her lifelong intuitive gifts to guide her decisions. But, feeling called to a deeper mission creatively and spiritually, she left corporate America in 2007. Today, Liv teaches popular personal growth classes and workshops, conducts intuitive readings for individuals seeking clarity on their paths, and she speaks about the power of purpose, passion and inspired action to audiences across the U.S.

Liv lives in the Twin Cities with her husband Brad, their two sons, and an invisible army of angels. Find her online at


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