Painting with the Angels (OMG!!!)

Painting with the Angels (OMG!!!)

Ten years ago today, on 7/7/07, I was busily prepping for my Independence Day party. We'd already had fireworks and hot dogs to celebrate America's independence; this time, friends and family would gather at our house to celebrate my independence. See, days earlier, I...

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There’s No Place Like Home: Welcome to the New Site!

Friends, I am soooo excited to invite you into my brand new home today! If it feels like I've been a little distant lately, it's because I've been putting so much energy into creating an online home that accurately reflects me and my evolving work. I've been...

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Ready to Rock: Joy Overload with Bon Jovi!!!

Once upon a time, I was an aspiring songwriter and my idol (and giant crush) was this stellar human being, Jon Bon Jovi. I knew every word of every song he ever wrote, performed or produced. I was inspired by his talent, his showmanship, his big heart and his...

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Where are the angels when tragedy strikes?

  On Monday, participants in my Project Light Year class received a long email from me about the tragic mass shooting in Orlando. In that ecourse, we're exploring sacred signs and divine intervention all year together. I know it may seem like neither were present in...

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Justin Bieber is an empath. Are you one, too?

Today, Justin Bieber announced that he's canceling all future meet-and-greet sessions with fans because of how much they drain his energy, to the point of depression. While I'm sure some people are questioning or scoffing at this announcement, it all makes perfect...

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Hello, Love!

I'm Liv (sounds like LEEV). So happy you're here!

Back in 2006, this blog started with a rainbow -- just like so many big moments in my life have -- and an invitation to document magic and beauty: photograph it, write about it, choose to see it. So I did, and my whole world changed.

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