Buzz Worthy

WHAT: Buzz Worthy is an intensive four-week ecourse devoted to helping entrepreneurs like you build buzz for your brand via PR, promotions and social media. This feel-good crash course in self-promotion includes:

  • a private online classroom with new content updated each weekday for four weeks, from January 21 – February 15, 2013. 
  • a private Facebook group to build community and share ideas with fellow entrepreneurs
  • eye-opening worksheets and exercises to strengthen your brand’s buzzworthy factor
  • in-depth interviews with 13 amazing media-savvy contributorssee them all here!
  • a PDF of the full course content so you’ll ALWAYS have the lessons and links at your fingertips.


  • how to clearly define + describe what you do in order to attract social media followers and press coverage?
  • how to make your web site and/or blog truly media-friendly?
  • how to leverage social media – especially Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – to build meaningful buzz?
  • how to leverage your blog and/or other peoples’ blogs to boost awareness for your biz?
  • how to develop a media pitch – and find the right reporters to deliver it to?
  • how to position yourself as an expert – and do so with confidence?
  • how to write a compelling, eye-catching press release and other media materials?
  • how to find out what stories reporters are working on – and offer your expertise?
  • how to prepare for and conduct great TV, radio and print interviews?
  • how to leverage the media hits you’re part of to boost sales and grow your following?
This class will give you ALL the answers! You can kick off 2013 feeling confident, competent and totally buzz worthy. A minor miracle, right? You love what you do; so let’s give the world a chance to love what you do, too!

“Buzz Worthy saved me. I’m very heart-centered with my business, but for years I was lost when it came to promotion. Liv combines heart + promoting in a way that it all made perfect sense to my highly sensitive, artistic, right brain. I feel empowered, confident and way more sparkly as my work spreads out into the world since taking this course!”
- Lori Portka, mixed media artist 
“Liv Lane is brilliant in her Buzz Worthy offering. She overflows with ideas to promote your business + she makes it fun! One of my favorite things she did is frequently ask for volunteers and give individual guidance that also served as inspiration for the whole group. I was a volunteer for her writing a press release for a book i just had published. What a gift this was + what a gift this course is! I recommend buzzworthy wholeheartedly!”
- Rachel Awes, psychologist, artist + author of all i did was listen
“Liv’s enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise were exactly what I needed to get a jump start on making the work from my studio buzzworthy!” - Jen Shaffer, bookmaker + artist – Painted Fish Studio



Liv Lane calls herself a Human Sparkler, dedicated to illuminating all the awesomeness around us and within us. Liv follows her bliss by teaching e-courses for creative entrepreneurs, writing and speaking about living with purpose, creating inspirational art, and blogging about it all.

But what qualifies her to teach Buzz Worthy? Well…this stuff: 

  • a 20+ year career in communications and creative entrepreneurship
  • over a decade hosting local and national radio programming
  • on-air interviews with countless luminaries; her favorites include Maya Angelou, Fred Rogers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Oz
  • generated billions of consumer impressions as a publicist for General Mills’ kid- and all-family brands, including the Cheerios franchise and Box Tops for Education
  • has appeared as a publicist/spokesperson in major media outlets, from the front page of The New York Times to NPR’s All Things Considered to Food Network’s Unwrapped
  • conceptualized and co-founded broadcast promotions company Win/Win Radio, building on-air campaigns on for Fortune 500 clients including  The Clorox Company, 3M,  S.C. Johnson, PepsiCo, Best Buy and Kraft
  • left corporate life in 2007 to launch her own business – Choosing Beauty Inc. – for which she’s been widely featured in the media.
2013 contributor collageGain exclusive access to in-depth interviews with 14 incredible contributors, including…
  • one who spent the past few years traveling the world with Oprah
  • one who’s hosted TV specials from inside the White House
  • one who is a red carpet regular
  • one who will executive produce a major motion picture in 2013
  • one who spent the past eight years publicizing Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books, among others
  • one who recently served on the Wall Street Journal’s Women in the Economy task force
  • one whose iPhone app has been downloaded over 750,000 times
  • one whose book has been translated into five languages
  • one whose jewelry designs keep showing up on prime-time TV shows
  • one who’s worked on nearly every radio format in the U.S.
  • one who has raised over $10 million for charity
  • one who created the names for a bunch of the products in your pantry right now
  • one who advises a bunch of too-famous-to-name celebrities

When is the course and how long does it last?
BuzzWorthy kicks off on January 21, 2013 and runs for FOUR weeks, with new content uploaded to the private class website every weekday.

How does it work? When you register for the course, you will choose a username and password. Beginning on the first day of class, you can log in to the password-protected site to access the daily BuzzWorthy content that’s been uploaded each day {as the course progresses, you can always see content from past days, too}.

What if I fall behind? No worries! The online classroom will remain open an extra two weeks, through the end of February – and at that point, you’ll receive a beautifully-organized PDF with the FULL course content so you can always access the links, tips and downloads.

Who is the course designed for? BuzzWorthy is perfect for anyone eager to leverage social and traditional media for building awareness of their brand, blog, events or personal expertise in meaningful, feel-good ways. If you’re nervous about self-promotion, you’re not alone! This course is a pump-you-up love-fest, jam-packed with awesome insights for creative entrepreneurs: artists, authors, bloggers, designers, healers, holistic practitioners, speakers, small business owners, performers, non-profits, and more.

Who will I be learning from? BuzzWorthy is the brainchild of creative entrepreneur Liv Lane, formerly an award-winning journalist and publicist. Scroll up for details on her background. You’ll also gain exclusive access to interviews with 14 media-savvy contributors {producers, publicists, reporters + business owners}. See the full list of contributors here. 

How interactive is the course? Very! You’ll be able to interact with fellow classmates via a comment section within the online classroom, plus via a private Facebook group {such a great way to share ideas, experiences and your business with each other!}. Liv will be actively involved throughout the course, answering questions and providing feedback in both online spaces, and offering occasional opportunities for volunteers to have their materials reviewed or tweaked.

What does it cost? $119 for four weeks, a private Facebook community and full PDF of the course content.

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