How To Build a Blog


Holy moly! Could there be a better line-up of superstar bloggers to learn from!? {Answer = nope!} You’ll be crushing on all 18 contributors who have generously shared their wit and wisdom for our How To Build a Blog You Truly Love interviews and exercises – what a wealth of information!  Click here!


ALEXANDRA FRANZEN is a masterful word magician. She travels the world helping entrepreneurs crystallize how they communicate their work; past clients have included megastars from biz mentor Danielle LaPorte to acclaimed intuitive Hiro Boga. And when Alex can’t find the right word…she makes one up (and it’s always perfect!). Her blog  is ridiculously cool and authentic without apology. She tells it like it is with grace, humor and a swift kick in the pants. You can’t help but feel a little more courageous after reading her interview!



AIMEE DOLICH reigns supreme over Artsyville – a quirky, colorful blog where she shares her real-life adventures as a mom and artist. She takes us on behind-the-scenes tours of the places she visits, gives us peeks at works-in-progress, shares creative projects, and cracks us up with her dry wit. Find out how why she credits her blog for keeping her sanity and boosting her creativity.




AMANDA OAKS cultivates and celebrates goodness in other. She is co-founder of the incredibly uplifting and popular blog Kind Over Matter and queen bee of WordsDance, a new poetry publishing company. In our interview, she offers awesome insights for building a blossoming blog and gets real about being real online – so refreshing.




ANDREA SCHERANDREA SCHER is the creator of Superhero Life — where we all learn together to use our voices, share our superpowers and live life in full color. As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, she’s redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause, as she says, “in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.” Andrea’s blog consistently delivers blow-you-away rawness and richness, with intimate glimpses into her own superhero journey.



ANDREA SCHROEDER is a dream catcher. She is the dynamo behind the popular Creative Dream Incubator blog and founder of the Creative Magic Academy. She’s an artist, creativity coach and meditation teacher who has something so special planned for us, we can hardly wait! Bursting with gratitude! Andrea has created the most amazing audio meditation to help you get in touch with your blog’s purpose. This exercise is so powerful – and her voice is like velvet!



CHRISTINE KANE has been dubbed “the mentor to women who are changing the world.” She’s president and founder of Uplevel You™, a million-dollar company committed to empowering entrepreneurs and creative spirits to grow their ideas with authentic marketing & business strategies as well as inspiration for creating the life of your dreams. This former singer-songwriter is a masterful marketer who fully leverages the power of social media and blogging to keep things humming. Her interview will seriously pump you up to take your blog to the next level! She says it’s about “claiming your power as a worthy voice in the world.” Love that!


Dani Dipirro, PositivelyPresent.comDANIELLE (DANI) DIPIRRO is the founder of, a website dedicated to helping others live positively in the present moment. Each week, Danielle provides her readers with fresh ideas and innovative advice for living each and every moment to the fullest. Since the site’s launch in 2009, has grown a considerable online following, and Danielle’s work has been featured on sites such as The Happiness Project, Think Simple Now, Psychology Today, and The Washington Post. Danielle is the author of Stay Positive: Daily Reminders from Positively Present, Live Happily Ever After Now, and Merry + Bright.


JESSICA SWIFT is a multi-talented artist whose creative designs are colorful symphonies – fun and funky and clever. Her Treasuring blog is equally eye-catching and an awesome example of marrying your brand to your blog. Jess has also had a hand in other popular online endeavors and is co-author of The Declaration of You. You’ll love hearing where the ideas for her posts come from and how she leveraged her blog to raise over $18,000 for a dream creative project!



KATHERINE STONE is literally changing lives with her blog, Postpartum Progress. A survivor of postpartum OCD, Katherine launched her site in 2004 to provide inspiration and resources to countless other women facing postpartum depression and other childbirth-related mental illnesses. She has given voice to a once-taboo subject and provided over a million moms with comfort and hope. The blog has received a slew of accolades, including being repeatedly included in Babble’s annual Top 100 Mom Blogs. Katherine also offers a year-long Daily Hope email service for mamas in need of daily guidance and support.


KELLY RAE ROBERTS is a creative powerhouse with a booming art business, a best-selling book and a blog in full bloom. Amazingly, she only jumped heart-first into life as an artist a few years ago, but her art is everywhere – from greeting cards to a home furnishings line. She credits her blog with having a huge impact on her career and inspires other creative spirits through her hugely popular Flying Lessons e-books.




KI NASSAUER loves junk so much she built her career around it! She’s founder of the hugely popular Junk Bonanza – the best juried flea market in the midwest {over 10,000 visitors streamed through the show this fall}. Ki is also editor-in-chief of the new {and glorious!} Flea Market Style magazine. All this “junk” means she oversees multiple blogs devoted to re-purposed treasures. It’s fascinating to hear how she manages them all and leverages her online presence to build her brand and events.



LISA LARTER is a sought-after speaker, sales consultant and coach who teaches clients how to use social media and technology to boost sales and exposure. She is also Chief Social Officer for eWomenNetwork. She has worked with best-selling authors including Deepak Chopra, Arielle Ford and Peggy McColl. You’ll love her best tips and tricks for leveraging social media to benefit your blog!




MAGGIE WHITLEY launched Gussy Sews after teaching herself to sew…and turning her talent into a thriving handmade company. She has recently re-branded her blog as Maggie Whitley Designs, with lots of surprises in store. that’s fueled by adorable design and some serious blogging mojo. Her popular blog includes handmade tutorials, interviews with creative entrepreneurs, handmade giveaways, and personal reflections on life as an entrepreneur and new mama. In our interview, she reveals some of her top-secret tips for blogging success.



MEGAN CASTRAN‘s megawatt smile was seen worldwide this spring when Oprah surprised her at her Australian home for taco night. Did you see that episode!? She was also on Oprah’s LifeClass in November 2011. What most Oprah viewers didn’t know is that Megan’s been flashing those pearly whites and spreading happiness worldwide for years via her vlogging adventures on YouTube. Hear how it all led to having Oprah over for tacos! Known as Jewelchic online {she’s a celebrity jewelry designer by day}, Megan takes her video camera wherever she goes, from amazing trips to theater premieres. Her YouTube page has over 3 million views! If you’re intrigued by the fast-growing world of vlogging {video blogging}, check out our awesome interview with Megan!


MICHELE BERGH is our very own class web master – how amazing is that!? Michele, who’s head chick at Be Inspired Design, helped create this web site {thank you, dear heart!}. She’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs bring their own passions to life online. She has invaluable insights about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into building a blog you truly love, so we’ll be checking in with her throughout the course. And she’ll share great tips on everything from domain names to hosting companies.



MICHELLE STIMPSON helps women uncover their passions and live up to their full potential – what a fun job! You can tell she adores her role as a professional life coach and it’s why she launched her blog, Following Your Joy as an extension of LifeShine Coaching business. She shares amazing stories about life events that have brought her great joy and interviews famous joy-followers, including lots of cool rock-stars! Michelle will inspire you to blog when you feel like it – not because it’s another chore on your list!



MICHELLE WARD CPC, PCC and – most importantly! – The When I Grow Up Coach, has logged over 750 hours coaching creative people to devise the career they think they can’t have (or discover it to begin with)! Recent career highlights include speaking at The World Domination Summit 2012 and being part of The Creative Collective in Kari Chapin’s new book, Grow Your Handmade Business. Her first book, a collaboration with Jessica Swift (see above!) hits stores in June 2013. Just for us, Michelle has written her guide to “taking the slime outta selling and promoting!” Just the boost you need if you’ve been feeling awkward about promoting your own work!



SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is a best-selling author and artist, with sixteen titles in print and well over two million books sold. She is an international well-being expert and succulent wild woman who has been teaching and leading extraordinary workshops for over twenty years. She is a transformational role model offering inspiration and guidance to people in their process of living more powerfully and authentically, and being more actively creative on a daily basis. SARK is also the founder and Creative Fountain of Planet SARK, a thriving business that creates innovative products and services to support empowered living. Call her on the Inspiration Line at 415.546.3742 or visit


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