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Want to breathe new life into your blog?

Want to build a loyal following?

Wish blogging felt more rewarding + fulfilling?

After starting my own blog in 2006, I was tired of so-called experts making empty promises: get-rich-quick schemes, ploys to boost traffic overnight, confusing tutorials and no support. None of it resonated, none of it worked. To pave my own path to success, I clarified my true desire: 

build an inspiring, insightful blog that brings joy and good fortune

Build a Blog ebook by Liv LaneTurns out I wasn’t alone. As the years went by, I received so many questions from fledgling bloggers and bloggers-to-be, wondering how I did it. So I created an ecourse, How To Build a Blog You Truly Love, which has since empowered and inspired women in 18 countries to craft a beautiful, purposeful online presence for themselves.

Alumni of How To Build a Blog You Truly Love have built GIANT social media followings, received awesome press coverage, become guest writers and regular contributors for major blogs and media outlets, and – most importantly – found joy and purpose in their own blogs. Such a delight to witness!

As the focus of my own work evolved, I retired the live ecourse in late 2013. But people kept requesting the content. So in early 2014, I released a new 310-page ebook featuring all the juicy content from the blogging course. Just purchase to immediately download the PDF.

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Warning! This is not your typical blogging course, full of technical jargon and pressure to do things “right.” This course is designed to be a gentle but invigorating shot in the arm, devoted to helping you be perfectly happy with your blog vs. doing everything perfectly. It’s a soul-stirring, heart-thumping, blog-boosting journey with me and 18 AMAZING contributors.

Among the things we’ll cover:

  • How to define the purpose of your blog, with lots of powerful self-reflection to give you direction and motivation
  • How to attract the best readers you can imagine and keep them coming back for more!
  • How to write authentic, creative, compelling posts and never run out of ideas
  • How to make sure your blog’s design reflects YOU {or your business}, including easy + awesome design tips and resources
  • How to determine the best name and domain for your blog {many past students have changed their online identities based on these lessons!}
  • How to decide where your blog should live {from domain services to self-hosting to blogging platforms – all are not created equal!}
  • How to promote your blog authentically {without feeling like a slimy used car salesman!}
  • How to leverage social media to attract your ideal readers – including tutorials on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • How to prosper from your blog in ways that feel right for you with in-depth details on affiliate marketing, sponsorships, giveaways + more
  • How to find your tribe – building a super-cool, like-minded community of readers and fellow bloggers you can lean on for support {you’ll even have access to our private Facebook community of BBTL grads!}
  • How to learn from my mistakes {I made a bunch of ’em early on and don’t want you to do the same!}
  • PLUS…Exclusive insights, tips and enlightening stories shared by these superstar bloggers and creative wonder women: 

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BBTL testimonials

“Before signing up for Liv’s course, I had tried to find everything I could to get my blog flowing on a consistent basis, but I still felt stuck. Once finding Liv and her course, all of my ‘stuck ‘ feelings melted away and I found myself more connected to my blog than ever.” – Renee Yemma, The Calm Mama

“I’ve been blogging for years and am energized about launching something new and fresh, while remaining ‘me.’ This course is what I needed and came at the perfect time.” – Angie Mizzell,

“If you’ve been blogging for years, but feel you need to reenergize your blog with passion and purpose ~ this class is for you! And if you’re just thinking about starting a blog, but don’t really know where to begin ~ this class is for you!” – Sarah Rudell Beach, Left Brain Buddha

“Thanks to you, and your blog course, I’m slowly letting myself leak out into the world, on my own terms, and in my own voice. Thank you, Liv!” – Andrea Badgley, Butterfly Mind

“For those of you in the holistic-spiritual-wellness-transformational world, this course…will change your perspective on SO many things and help you launch your business into a new realm! Liv makes it easy to understand. AND she gives you a TON of resources, including interviews with the coolest people in the industry.  She’s done it super succesfully AND has kept her big ol’ huge heart while doing it.” – Jennifer Salness, Crystalline Light

“I’ve been blogging for many years, but I learned so much from this course! Through the course, you’ll have access to some really rock-star seasoned bloggers who’ll be giving interviews and lots of pointers, sharing their own experiences, both good and bad. What I learned amazed me!” – Christina Berry, Chrissy, Inspired

ABOUT Liv Lane

Liv Lane - Build a Blog You Truly LoveI call myself a Human Sparkler because I use my gifts to illuminate and celebrate yours. Emerging from a mental health crisis in 2006, I started my blog as a personal healing project, chronicling the beauty I saw each day for a full year. To my surprise, the site quickly gained a global following, generating enough opportunities and creative adrenaline to catapult me out of my comfy corporate gig (I spent many years working in radio and public relations) and into the full-time, soul-stirring adventure of creative entrepreneurship.

My blog has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, won some lovely awards, generated a book deal (more on that in our course!), attracted a wide range of opportunities from endorsement deals to speaking gigs, and has been the foundation of my business growth. But most importantly, it’s been a source of great joy in my life.  I live in Minnesota with my hubby Brad, two spirited boys, a crazy dog named Daisy and an invisible army of angels.

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