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Your life is meant to be brilliant & breathtaking.

While you race through your busy days, an inner voice may rise to the surface now and then (or maybe all the time!) – questioning your actions, longing to feel more fulfilled, worrying about what comes next. Maybe you frequently wonder if you’re on the right path. Maybe you feel held back by grief, regret or uncertainty. Maybe you have so many ideas about your future, you don’t know where or how to begin to create positive change!

Sound familiar? That uneasiness is your soul’s way of saying, “Look up, love – and see what’s possible…” 

When I arrived on this spinning planet, I received a pretty great gift: I have the ability to hear, see and sense where you’ve been and where you’re going, and receive gorgeous guidance from spirits and angels to help you on your journey. It’s an incredible blessing and a huge responsibility, because I get to help you find your happily ever after….


2014-2015 Testimonial - Kelly Rae Roberts

Every single Firecracker Call is unique and unpredictable, but I’m always amazed how much heart-thumping inspiration, insight and instructions from Spirit come through during our intuitive sessions. Even though your guides and angels are cheering you on from the Great Beyond, the distractions of daily life make it hard to hear them and trust their signs. Helping you receive the information you need is a total joy for me.

During our call, I bring forth guidance from Spirit (the collective of celestial wise ones I work closely with). Almost always, a messenger from your personal spiritual support team also steps forward to help provide the guidance deemed most important for you to hear in that moment. Spirit masterfully leads us into a discussion designed to illuminate your current blocks and opportunities, provide guidance for your path, and lovingly answer your questions.

2014-2015 Testimonial for Liv Lane - Kari Schmitz

2014-2015 Testimonial - Andrea Scher

If you sometimes (or all-the-time) feel like you’re walking through life in the dark, let a Firecracker Call light up your night sky and illuminate a path to your bright future. Each Firecracker Call is 60 minutes and you’ll receive a digital recording of our conversation so you can listen back and let the messages soak in. Here are some of the most common reasons brave hearts like you sign up for a call:

  • You’re longing to do something more fulfilling and purposeful
  • You’re feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next in work or relationships
  • You need help prioritizing or profiting from your passions
  • You feel like grief or stress has taken over your life
  • You’re considering a big leap or daunting decision
  • You feel like you can’t move forward until old wounds are healed
  • You want to know who’s watching over you and their messages for you

Carissa Paige on intuitive session with Liv Lane

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Due to overwhelming demand and upcoming changes to the way one-on-one sessions with Liv are scheduled and conducted, we are not booking new calls. To add yourself to the waiting list and be the first to be notified when sign-ups re-open, please click here.  Thank you for your patience!

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