into the light ebook“I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in my life.”

“I feel like something in me shifts every time I read Spirit’s words.”

“I was lost…and now I’m found. That’s seriously how I feel. It’s amazing.”


Those are just three of countless awestruck reactions coming from brave and curious souls who have felt called to this holy wow! project. This ebook contains the complete transcripts from Into the Light, a sacred 18-day event I facilitated in December 2013.

The experience was so soul-stirring and life-altering for participants, me included, that I decided to expand the offering, making the messages available to anyone who feels called to receive them. The more who are open to and touched by these words, the better.

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So, what are these messages??

While I have been able to communicate with spirits and angels since I was a child (and hid that gift for a loooong time), there have been moments in my life when I received guidance from a very distinct voice – like a choir of angels speaking so loudly I couldn’t ignore them. I never knew who it was or where it was coming from – until the fall of 2013, during one of my meditations, when it was revealed that this voice belonged to Spirit, a virtual forcefield of ascended wise ones with divine guidance to share. As wild as it sounds, they asked me to facilitate a coming-together of light-bearers – anyone who felt called to something more and was open to receiving messages from the Great Beyond for the 18 days leading up to the Winter Solstice. And I said yes.

Oh. My. Heavens. 

I agreed to receive and transcribe their daily messages, sharing them with a circle of wonderful participants who signed up to be the original recipients. And the result was phenomenal. Every message from Spirit was beautiful and direct, offering channeled insights into how we lead our lives – from facing hardship to living with purpose, from birth to death and beyond. And now you, too, can breathe in the wisdom and connect the dots of your precious life journey. For the most powerful experience, please plan to let the the messages sink in over the course of 18 days, reading one message per day.

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“I can see how this experience will be changing every moment of my life from this point forward…the world has shifted already. Thank you, Liv, for being the messenger!”

“I cannot tell you how much of a difference this has made in my life. I feel such inner joy and I’m sure it’s being reflected out and around me. My marriage feels happier. I feel happier, and I’m sure I’m being a better mom, too. I will carry it with me always.”

I’m in love with these last 18 days. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us and helping us to see our own.”

“My heart and soul have been nurtured and comforted by this experience in a way that I can’t find words to describe. It’s a delicious feeling of peace that I have craved for so long. This will always be a part of me.”



What’s in this ebook? The Into the Light ebook is an 82-page PDF that includes an explanation of how this channeling event came to be, with two blog posts I shared with Spirit’s initial invitation and messages from the fall of 2013, plus transcripts of all 18 messages from Spirit, and behind-the-scenes notes from me about what I saw and experienced.

How do I access the ebook? As soon as you purchase your copy ($18), you will be prompted to download the PDF and also sent an email with a link to the ebook. Simply click on the link and it will download to your computer; you can save it in the folder of your choice and/or print it.

You will have 24 hours to download your copy of Into the Light. There are no refunds on this digital product. Want to read Into the Light using your e-reader device? Here are instructions for downloading PDFs to an iPad, reading PDFs on your Kindle (scroll to bottom of this page), and how to transfer and view PDFs on your Nook

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How do you receive these messages? First, I meditate and connect with God’s loving light, asking for protection for me and anyone I am receiving messages for. I have a candle lit, eyes closed and my computer in my lap, ready for me to transcribe the messages I hear. When my mind is cleared and body relaxed (which happens pretty quickly), Spirit arrives in a swirl of light and a chorus of voices in unison. When I am communicating with an individual spirit, I can typically see what they look like. But with this gathering of spirits, the messengers are silhouettes of light, joined in a chain of circles and swirling above me. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen – but I can feel they are a peaceful, calming, loving force.

Are these religious messages? The intention behind these light-filled messages was not to promote any particular religion or belief system, but rather to embrace all forms of worship and wonderment, to reveal our own holiness. Before the event began, I suspected this experience would deepen our spirituality and strengthen our faith, no matter our specific religious backgrounds – and that’s truly what happened. It was fascinating and awesome to share this experience with participants from a wide variety of faith backgrounds – from Christian to Jewish to Agnostic. There is beauty here for all.

How do you know these spirits are good? I have worked and studied very hard over the years to protect myself from negative energies/entities. I am prayerful and intentional about only connecting with benevolent spirits and angels that emerge from God’s bright light. I choose not to be fear-based, because I truly believe that our thoughts create our reality. And I ask that anyone choosing come to it with the same intentions and expectations: it’s all good.

purchase Into the Light for $18

Thanks for sharing this, dear heart!