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Michelle Stimpson – Positive Change Expert & Mentor: My dear friend Michelle has been my coach and I’ve seen first-hand the incredible work she does with her clients.

Martha Beck: I love a coach who can make me laugh and think at the same time. That’s why I think Martha’s pretty amazing.

When I Grow Up Coach: Michelle Ward has found her niche, helping people figure out what they’re really here to do and be and feel and create.



Liv with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr Wayne Dyer- I just love this guy. His books and speeches always inspire me and I think they’ll do the same for you.

Esther and Jerry Hicks – I’m often floored by the wisdom I get from their books and CDs about manifesting all that you desire and creating your best life.

Byron Katie – Take a deep breath before plunging into The Work from Byron Katie, a new and inspired way of approaching fear, worry and pain. It may feel foreign, awkward, odd at first – but it can give you wings.

Don Miguel Ruiz - His best-selling book, The Four Agreements, is a must-read. And he is such a gentle, generous man.

SARK - Susan Kennedy, aka SARK, is a fantastic force in the world, inspiring women to live joyfully and creatively. She is so real, so raw and so rad!



Christine Kane: This multi-talented powerhouse is not just a popular singer-songwriter, but an amazing coach for entrepreneurs and cultural creatives. Love her!

Kelly Rae Roberts: Taking Kelly Rae’s Flying Lessons e-course was one of the best moves I’ve made in my creative career. Great for emerging and established artists. Now you can order the content as an e-book series. She also teamed up with Beth Nicholls (below) to co-create the Hello Soul, Hello Business e-course that kicks off in January 2012.

Liv with Beth Nicholls

Beth Nicholls: Co-founder of the Hello Soul, Hello Business e-course {see above}, Beth has an amazing background, from hobnobbing with British royalty to working on global charity initiatives with the world’s biggest athletes. Be sure to check out her Do What You Love site!

Jennifer Lee: Author of The Right-Brained Business Plan, Jennifer has created an awesome guide for entrepreneurs and creative business owners. Develop a business plan without feeling stifled, stilted or way-too-serious!

Goddess Leonie: This whimsical, wise woman is teaching fellow Goddesses (that’s you!) to embrace your inner light and let it illuminate your business, too.

Danielle LaPorte: Get the White Hot Truth from this creative biz dynamo, author of The Spark Kit for entrepreneurs.

Peggy McColl:  Peggy went from being a broke and stressed-out mama to a best-selling author and sought-after speaker. She offers great insights on attracting abundance into your life.

Lisa Larter: This social media dynamo is fun, smart and spirited. If you feel like you could use help with building your brand online, Lisa’s your go-to girl! Plus, she’s tops at tweeting!



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