spark sisters: magnify your brilliance with a trusted tribe of kindreds

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Quick! This program has just begun, but you can still hop on board to find or revitalize your tribe!

For millions of years, women have gathered in sacred circles – to bond, to learn, to heal, to grow. Today, the opportunities to connect seem unlimited, from mastermind meetups to book clubs. So why do we still feel so disconnected, so uneasy about revealing our true light?  

Sadly, most small groups – personal to professional – don’t embrace the big stuff: the depths of you, the sparks in you. So many women have passions to explore, fears to overcome and light to give, but no sounding board of soul sisters to regularly share it all with. That’s about to change…

The time to find your circle of confidants is now.

The chance to cultivate purpose & prosperity is here.

The magic of embracing your sparks together is real.

find your soul sisters; spark*mates


This idea has been flirting with my heart for so long now. And over the past several months, it is ALL I DAYDREAM ABOUT. Seriously! It’s like the Universe is flashing neon arrows for me, pointing to this, telling me the time is NOW…

* Every time I mention my beloved intention circle – a small group of dreamers & doers I’ve been meeting with (and making magic with) since 2008 – I’m inundated with questions about how to create such a circle and make it last. I hear you, Universe.

* Every time questions about purpose come up during my intuitive Firecracker Calls, women on the other end of the line say they can’t seem to find a sisterhood of women with whom they can share the highs and lows of following their hearts. I hear you, Universe.

* Every time I’m asked to help a group create & connect – from galvanizing work teams to planning soul-stirring retreats, from motivating masterminds to managing spirited online communities – I feel so honored to intuitively lead them to a deeper place. I hear you, Universe. 

Find your tribe. #sparksisters

I hear you, Universe…and I’m ready. We all are. 

We are ready to revolutionize the way we connect, forming or revitalizing small but mighty circles of wonder women.

We are ready to explore and expand our inner sparks; the interests and talents that bring us great joy and a deep sense of purpose.

We are ready for our interactions and the work they inspire to be consistently authentic, constructive, honest, energized, intuitive and intentional.

We are ready to clarify our paths & light up our lives – as Spark*Sisters.


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Spark*Sisters is an ecourse, a community, a soul-sister matchmaker. It’s where you belong…for good. 

teens post-retreat: find your tribeTHE ECOURSE: The Spark*Sisters ecourse runs June 23 – July 2 as an online intensive, specifically designed to fit into your crazy-busy life. No online classroom to navigate – you’ll get weekday emails delivered straight to your inbox, loaded with in-depth content and spirited guidance. The curriculum includes a deep dive into the power of intention and igniting your sparks, insights and worksheets for forming and sustaining a powerful circle, real-life examples of what works (and what doesn’t), detailed guidance and templates for meetings, critical communication strategies, tons of ideas for soul-stirring meeting openers and closers, and so much more!

THE HANDBOOK: At the end of the course, you’ll receive ALL of the course materials as a PDF ebook to help guide your own group of brave hearts to success. You’ll want to get a binder for it all so you have every resource at your fingertips!

THE DATABASE: You’ll have the option to be part of an exclusive, private Spark*Sisters database, organized by location and passions, to help you find women who, just like you, want to form a sacred circle. So cool!!

THE COMMUNITY: You’ll become an inaugural member of the Spark*Sisterhood, including participation in an ongoing private Facebook group, and gain exclusive access to future resources now in development.

THE LIVE EVENT: This is a special power-up package available to women near or in the Twin Cities and I’m over-the-moon-excited about this! The first session sold out in a day; a second session has been added. Here’s the scoop: following the ecourse, a limited amount of women (no more than 20 per session) will join me live for a magical event including meeting your own custom-created circle of Spark*Sisters for the first time. Goosebumps!! Click here for all the details. 

Meet Liv Lane

Liv LaneI wholeheartedly believe small groups can do big things. When the right mix of creative, compassionate women come together, it’s pure magic. But I know firsthand how hard it can feel to find your kindreds.

In my corporate life, I struggled to find a circle of peers that felt like home. Time after time, the groups I joined devolved (rather than evolved) into gossiping, complaining or coveting what others made/achieved/received.

By the time I started my own business in 2007, I knew I needed a new kind of sisterhood. When I still couldn’t find it, I knew I had to create it. When I finally connected with the women who would become my “intention circle” sisters, they were looking for the same thing. I am so grateful for their guidance and support in my work (and life!), and honored to be a beacon of light for them, too.

And though I never originally planned to use my work to help teams flourish, the opportunities kept showing up, calling me deeper into my calling. I’ve consulted and facilitated all kinds of small but mighty groups – from masterminds to leadership retreats, from teenagers to executives. And I’ve loved every minute. I adore leveraging two of my sparks – communication and intuition – to awaken exising groups to their full potential and helping new ones do the same.

That’s why Spark*Sisters is so near and dear to me. It feels like I was born to do this. And if it feels like you were meant to be part of it, I hope you’ll trust that and join us.

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Who should join Spark*Sisters? This program and network is made-for-you if you’re a woman who…

  • can’t wait to explore or expand your sparks, fully embracing your gifts in beautiful, joy-giving ways.
  • is excited to create your next chapter (a new project? a new chapter? a new everything!?) and eager for constructive feedback as you do.
  • is committed to meeting and communicating with your circle regularly, taking their feedback to heart and following through on your stated intentions after each gathering.
  • believes everyone – including you – comes to the table with valuable wisdom, experience, and perspectives.

badge 400x467What if I’m at work/on vacation/super busy during the ecourse (June 23 – July 2)? No worries! Any content you miss will be provided in the handbook that’s emailed to you after the course ends. The Facebook group will also remain open indefinitely. However, if you’re looking to become part of a new circle, you’ll want to make sure to complete the survey that’s required to be included in the database (survey will go out the first day of the course) and check into the Facebook group now and then to share your personality and passions, as well as get a peek at others’.

Will I be part of a circle by the end of the ecourse? This completely depends on you. Some women will participate in Spark*Sisters with an existing circle, hoping to infuse their groups with new energy and structure. But many others will come looking for perfect strangers to become soul sisters. You’ll be invited to be part of an exclusive, private database that will allow you to connect with women in your area or create an online group with women who share your interest areas. My vision is that you’ll use this database and the Facebook group to recognize kindreds and reach out to one another. And if, for some reason, you don’t find your tribe within the course, the class content will also show you how to find your tribe in your own backyard.

Note: Women who participate in the live event (in Mpls) will be custom-placed in a brand new Spark*Sisters circle. Details to come.

How much does it cost to participate? The inaugural run of Spark*Sisters costs just $49; this covers the ecourse, handbook, database, Facebook community and access to future resources now in development.  Click here to purchase.

What are your payment policies? You can pay using PayPal or use your credit card as a PayPal guest. There are no refunds once the course begins. You can back out without penalty 48 hours or more in advance of the ecourse starting. To do so, please fill out the contact form.

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Thanks for sharing this, dear heart!