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Inspirational speaker Liv Lane inspires audiences to illuminate their innate gifts and passions, and celebrate the beauty of the path that brought them here. Her presentations come with a magical blend of humor, honesty, humility and holy wow moments. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll scribble stuff down. You’ll feel ready and willing to help light up the world.

Liv is available as a keynote speaker or workshop leader for your next conference, retreat or special event.

A sampling of organizations and initiatives Liv’s worked with…  

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Liv customizes her presentations for each unique audience, but these are some of her most popular themes… 

The Power of Purpose: In this presentation, Liv shares compelling insights, reflective prompts and personal stories to help women uncover their deepest passions, value their innate talents, and feel more motivated and purposeful in their daily lives.

How To Be Brave (and Seriously Happy): To do what you love, be who you are, and say what you feel takes bravery – but it’s soooo worth it. In this high energy session, Liv will share jaw-dropping, heart-thumping stories from her own brave journey, revealing her methods for cultivating courage and creating lasting happiness. Get ready to light up your life!

Making Sparks Fly (designed for youth advocacy organizations and events): Discover the power of helping youth tap into their inner sparks – and the importance of re-igniting and revealing your own. Through engaging stories and compelling insights, you’ll learn how this approach deepens relationships, cultivates positive youth development, and fuels a passion for life and learning. For the past 20 years, youth and family engagement has been an undercurrent in Liv’s work as a journalist, publicist, and creative entrepreneur — inspired in large part by her dad, Dr. Peter Benson (1946–2011), a pioneer in the field of positive youth development. She relishes the chance to carry on his legacy, beautifully blending his messages with her own.


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“I’ve always admired how authentically Liv connects with her audiences. She shares her experiences with such heart, grace and wit. Liv possesses the powerful combination of being able to inform and inspire. Her messages are so simple, pure and compelling. If you ever need a speaker who has the ability to positively expand the way you see the world, give Liv a call.”

– Maryanne O’Brien, Live Dynamite

” We all know we’re not perfect but we often assume others are. And we suspect their perfection may be why all their dreams have come true, and ours have not. The transformative power of listening to Liv, or reading her words, is that you quickly realize she’s both imperfect and perfectly wonderful. Her accomplishments, her challenges and her insight into what can be learned from both, open the window on the possibility that we’re capable of flight, just as we are.”

— Melissa Gilman, Editor + Communications Consultant

“I met Liv when she was a presenter at a networking group I facilitate. She was so giving, gracious and professional. She is a wealth of knowledge on how to find and use your sparkle and teaches by example. I love how she freely shares her life experiences and little nuggets with others to help us see the joy in our lives.”

 Alyssa DePesa Granlund, Executive Managing Director at eWomenNetwork Twin Cities and Leadership & Strategy Director at Connexecute


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Creative Connection Panel>>> WOMEN’S EVENTS: To explore rates and availability for your next event, please click here  and share your event date, location, goals and estimated audience size.

>>> YOUTH & FAMILY EVENTS: For presentations within the youth, family and education arena, Liv is represented by Bolster Collaborative. Click for further details on Liv’s background and to contact Bolster for availability and rates.

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