The good news? You’re doing what you love! You’re tapping into your innate gifts + passions as an artist, author or advisor to light up the world. Awesome! The bad news? Something’s not quite right…


Longing to make more money doing what you love?

Feeling clueless + nervous about promoting yourself?

Struggling to stand out + make your mark? 


You know you’re meant to reach a wider audience, to be known for what you do, to live in abundance as you work from your heart. But you’ve been spinning your wheels, working ’round the clock on those dreams with no lasting, monumental progress.

Whatever happened to the notion that if you do what you love, the money will follow…and you’ll live happily ever after? Okay, here’s the truth (are you sitting down?). As long as your wonderful work + innate gifts remain one of the world’s best kept secrets, the blessings you’re longing for can’t find you: the clients who need you, the money that’s waiting for you, the happiness that seems to be eluding you. It’s like you’re throwing a party and keep forgetting to give your address to the attendees you really want to show up. So, you can keep doing that…or you can start doing this:


embrace your brilliance


Seems so simple – and actually, it is. But you’ve been using a treasure map full of unexpected (and expensive!) twists, turns and traps – searching for a pot of gold with blinders on. Let me give you a new map, love – and courage for the journey.

In my 20+ years working as a journalist, publicist and creative entrepreneur (details here), I’ve been mapping out successful paths, lined with adoring fans, for businesses big and small. When I left corporate life in 2007 to start my own creative biz, I was still consulting brands with giant budgets and huge clout – but my heart thumped hardest whenever I could help an independent professional spread her wings and get recognized for her products, talents, and services. So, I followed my heart and turned that detour into a main road. Using my marketing mojo and razor-sharp intuition, I’ve mentored hundreds of artists, authors and advisors (coaches, therapists, designers, healers, etc.) to step into their own light.


And now, all that goodness is wrapped into a coaching program that makes my heart sing: my proprietary Star Mapping System – designed to help you master the art of feel-good, profit-boosting self-promotion. The system focuses on four pillars of success that are critical for authentically and joyfully expanding your visibility and reaping the rewards:

Service Talent Authority Relevance

Whether you want to sell more art, build your author platform or book more clients, getting crystal-clear on how you consistently deliver in these four categories will renew your sense of purpose, direction and excitement for your work – and establish you as a rising star. Time and time again, I’ve worked with people who don’t think they need this – and later wonder how they ever moved forward without it. It is such an amazing privilege for me to see those transformations!

Star Mapping SESSIONS

HOW IT WORKS: There’s no cookie-cutter coaching here; think of the Star Mapping System as your ultimate navigation tool, allowing you to choose your own adventure (and be accompanied by a guide who knows lots of ways to find the treasure!). Everyone in the Star Mapping System starts in the same place – with two 60-minute coaching sessions - eye-opening, heart-thumping, biz-boosting! We’re going to dig deep into your path because I believe every step of your journey has served a purpose. We’re going to tap into your true sparks and big dreams. We’re going to review the soul-stirring playsheets you fill out (which you’ll do with a perfect blend of angst + awe). We’re going to connect the dots and define in detail what makes you a one-of-a-kind, light-up-the-world superstar. We’re going to draft in-depth intentions and toast our coffee cups to the expert in you (yes, you!) –  and then you will decide where you want to go next.

For some, the two sessions are enough to light up the night and go on their way. For others, my menu of additional coaching + copywriting sessions is like a candy shop of possibilities - including sessions in which we review your online spaces, draft your rockstar bios and elevator speeches, or mold your story + services into attention-grabbing media pitches. Plus, I offer Star Mapping clients 30-minute Courage Calls for when you’re feeling stuck or facing a huge opportunity.

These additional services are only available to those who have completed their Star Mapping Sessions. Why? because I firmly believe we can only do our best work together when we’ve established a mutual understanding of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Ready to illuminate your awesomeness? Then click below to sign up for your Star Mapping Sessions – and you’ll receive an email from me shortly so we can book our phone or Skype sessions (I occasionally book in-person sessions with clients in the Minneapolis area, too). I’m currently booking sessions for SEPTEMBER 2013. To avoid technical glitches, please purchase via computer vs. your mobile phone. I can’t wait to make magic with you!

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