About Liv Lane

I’m a regular girl with an extraordinary job. As an intuitive artist and adviser, I get to paint with the angels and help deliver their loving messages for our weary world. I’m slowly stepping back into my work after an intense journey through breast cancer. Click above for details.

Art With The Angels

In July 2017, a circle of angels swooped into my life, urging me to paint with them by following their precise instructions and receiving specific messages to accompany each piece. Click above to view see the latest works of art.

Learning With Liv

Time to spread those wings! With opportunities to focus on your purpose, joy and spiritual connection, I offer numerous ways — from ecourses to events — to learn and grow with a community of kindred spirits.

One-on-One Sessions

It’s such an honor and joy to reveal perspectives from the Great Beyond about your life’s path while we work through gentle, guiding questions that help you gain clarity for your future. Join the wait list for Firecracker Calls and private group work.


What a joy it was to birth this book with dear friend and amazing artist Lori Portka! And what a joy it is to continue to hear how Infinite Purpose is impacting so many people’s lives!

Choosing Beauty Blog

I’ve been blogging about everyday miracles for over a decade, from the magic around us to the magic within us. Just click the pic to check out the Choosing Beauty blog.

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