When I took this picture in the morning,
I thought it would be the most beautiful
thing I’d see all day. I was wrong.

But this one still deserves some recognition.
My husband made breakfast today and,
when one of the pancakes burned,
he opened the kitchen window.
(Please forgive the dirt and grime;
the window hasn’t been open in 3 months).
When he opened it, we were stunned
to see this feather
seemingly floating in mid-air.
Upon further inspection, we realized
the end of it was being held up
by a small cobweb.
How the feather got in the first place,
we’ll never know. Pretty cool.

Now, on to the most beautiful thing
I saw today. I wish I had a photo,
but it wouldn’t have done the scene justice.
I went to a busy shopping area,
only to find that the store I was looking for
wasn’t there anymore.

I got back in my car,
feeling a tad disgrunted,
and was stopped in the parking lot
as two reindeer – yes, reindeer –
pulling a sleigh crossed my path.
They were giving free rides to kids,
pulling them around the block.
As I waited for them to unload their
passengers and welcome the next
crew of kids, I noticed a little boy –
maybe 6 or 7 years old –
all bundled up and in a wheelchair.
His dad picked him up,
one arm under his legs
and the other behind his back,
and carried him over to the sleigh.

I will never forget the pure joy
on that little boy’s face,
nor the beaming smile on his dad’s.
I broke down in tears
right there in my car
and tear up each time
I think about it.
I pulled out of the parking lot
and saw a church sign
with just one word on it: