Some might consider
the merry-go-round
a motononous bore,
a waste of a ticket.

It isn’t as thrilling as a
thunderous coaster
or as daring as an
upside down dangler.

In fact,
it starts out quite slow
as the music cranks up.
The lights start to flicker
but soon they’re a blur
as the horses take flight,
first floating up,
then back down.

You can feel yourself
flying around and around,
dizzy and dazed for a moment.
But with every rotation
you’re seeing more clearly,
waving to loved ones,
enjoying the view,
hearing the song,
riding with “no hands,”
smiling for pictures,
planning which horse
you’ll choose next time around.

And whenever
the carousel glides to a halt,
you will not wind up
in the same place you started.
But you won’t even question
if you can find your way out.
You just will.

No other ride
is quite this unscripted,
depending on you
to make it a thrill.

May the next year prove to be
a wonderful, unpredictable,
exhilarating ride for you.
Make it so!