When I was a kid, I collected rocks.
I loved picking out new ones.
Each rock seemed to have its own personality
and I was fascinated that every one
was as unique as a snowflake.
I had agates, turquoise, crystals, you name it.
Sometimes I carried certain ones around,
convinced they made me feel better.

Today, a mentor of mine gifted me with this
gorgeous fluorite crystal.
It is hard for me to fathom how this rock
came to be, with such vivid purples and greens!
Isn’t that incredible?
I looked up fluorite online
and learned that it’s often called
“the most colorful mineral in the world.”
Also, in metaphysics, it is known for
helping to increase concentration
and heighten intuition.
Makes me want to find
that old rock collection
and rediscover some of nature’s
coolest colors and designs.

What an awesome gift.