My heart is full.
I am so humbled
by all the attention
this little blog o’ mine
has been getting lately.
And, more importantly,
I’m incredibly touched
by your responses.
Many of you say you’re grieving,
feeling lost,
looking for something more.
Others are just thankful
to have a daily reminder
to look up, look down,
look all around.
I never thought
these entries
would make a difference
to anyone else but me.
Thank you for letting me know
that you care,
that you want it to continue,
that you’re seeing the world
in a brand new light.

I thought I’d share a couple
of messages I’ve received
from first-time visitors this week.
I actually took today’s picture
of the clouds above
while thinking about this note
I received from D.E.:

“Many of the photos and words
struck a real chord with me.
Especially the clouds/sky pix.
That’s always been
a really big thing for me.
Every time I see a gorgeous sky
full of clouds I think a quick,
‘Thanks God.’
For me, clouds in the sky
have always been the best proof
of God’s existence–
not just that they are there,
but the fact that we appreciate
the beauty of them.
In fact, it’s really beauty
in all forms that is the
proof positive for me,
because there is no
survival need for it.
the ability to appreciate it
and to feel one’s life enriched by it–
has to be a gift from God.”

So true.
And the beautiful picture
below was sent in by Emily,
who wrote:

“It was taken in Door County
this past October
on me and my husband’s
40th wedding anniversary.
The sky was beautiful
and breathtaking –
what a wonderful memory
of a happy time for us.
Hope you enjoy it too.
I plan on visiting with you often Liv –
thanks for taking the time.
We need more of that in today’s world.”