Big day for me today.

So big, in fact, that when

we brought pizza over to

my Nana’s house,

my parents were waiting

with a bottle of champagne!

This morning, I co-hosted

the debut of a new radio show

called “Get Real Girls”

on the nation’s first

women’s talk station, FM107.

I used to work in radio and,

after nearly a decade off the air,

I am thrilled to have the chance

to sort of return to my roots.

More importantly, I love

the people I’m working with

and the content of the show,

which focuses on

“finding the real you.”

So, tonight we toasted

big dreams and new adventures.


You can listen to

“Get Real Girls”

online every Saturday morning

from 8am – 10am central time.

Just go to

and click on “Listen Online.”

Hope you’ll join us!