I am reading a great book,
one I’ve been meaning to
read for a while now, called
“Traveling Mercies”
by one of my favorite
Annie Lamott.
She makes me laugh
and she makes me think.
This book follows the long
and winding road she took
to discover her faith
in God, in people,
in herself.
It’s a trip we all
have to make
at one point or another.
My little guy has his
whole journey ahead of him,
but I am already seeing
his faith begin to unfold.
He, too, makes me laugh
and he makes me think.


Case in point: our coversation
this evening as I tucked my
sweet boy into bed.


Mommy, is God
inside me?


Yes, God is inside
all of us.


How does he feel?


You just know he’s
in there, especially
when you’re feeling
really happy or really
sad. He’s right there
inside your heart.


I think he’s in my
tummy. Everyone has
God in their tummy.


Ok, that works.


I feel God in my
tummy right now and
his shoes feel really hard.