I realize the ticket stub

looks like nothing special,

but it represents a

great night out.

I mean – I spent two hours

watching Justin Timberlake.

Need I say more?

I will anyway…

This concert was awesome

for two main reasons:

1. I got to go with my brother,

whom I adore. He knows more

about music than anyone I know,

makes me laugh harder than

anyone I know, and can

bust a move with the best of them.

2. For me, the concert was a perfect

example of what happens when

someone finds their absolute bliss

and shares that joy and talent with

others. This guy was meant to be

an entertainer, no doubt. I was

stunned that he could dance like

crazy for two hours without ever

losing his breath and barely breaking

a sweat. How is that humanly possible?

It was an amazing thing to watch.