Well, I learned something new today.

If you’ve read through my blog,

you know how much I love rainbows.

I saw a couple little ones in the sky

today and mentioned them to my mom.

She said she’d just heard those little

sections of rainbow are called sundogs.

I looked it up online and found that

the sun has to jump through some

serious hoops to make these little

bursts of color in the sky.

Here’s the definition:

“Sundogs are visible when the sun

is near the horizon and on the

same horizontal plane as the

observer and ice crystals.

As sunlight passes through

the ice crystals, it is bent by

22 degrees before reaching

our eyes. This bending of light

results in the formation of a sundog.”

I have absolutely no idea

what that all means,

but I love the end result!

Guess that’s all that matters.