When tragedy strikes,

it doesn’t seem fair

that the world keeps spinning.

You look at all the cars

speeding this way and that,

wishing you were in a

different vehicle,

wishing you were like

the other drivers,

seemingly oblivious

to pain and worry.

I understand it’s hard to see

much beauty at all

when your world’s been

turned upside down.

January has brought me

many reminders of this,

from the death of a friend

to the failing health of loved ones,

to a heartbreaking prayer request

I just received from my

sister-in-law for Keegan,

a little boy in her preschool class

who’s been horribly injured

in a car accident.

But maybe it is times like this,

when the world looks awfully ugly,

that it is most important

to seek out beauty,

to be re-introduced to hope,

to say thanks for the little things

that keep this old world spinning.