The relationship between
grandparent and grandchild
is meant to be
magical and meaningful,
bursting with unconditional love.

Last night, my little guy
slept over at my parents’ house.
After a trip to an indoor park,
dinner out, pancakes for breakfast
and tons of playtime in between
with “Moma” and “Papa,”
it’s no wonder he didn’t want
to come home with me today!

When I arrived to pick him up,
he was snuggled up with Papa,
giggling as they read
“The Silly Book” on the couch.
I sat and just watched them,
trying to memorize the moment.

As they read and laughed,
my sweet boy absent-mindedly
placed his little hand on Papa’s,
a silent symbol of his adoration.
He is as smitten with them
as they are with him,
and I wouldn’t want it
any other way.