I have a confession to make:
I’m fascinated by donkeys.

My curiosity has developed
over the past few months,
after seeing donkeys in my dreams
and when I meditate.
I couldn’t help but wonder why
in the world a donkey kept showing up!
So, I did a little research on
animal symbolism and totems.

The bestselling book “Animal Speak”
uncovers the significance of
our encounters with animals
based on Native American beliefs
and metaphysical descriptions.
It says the donkey symbolizes
“the promise of awakening wisdom
and approach of new opportunities
of even greater work. Don’t be
stubborn and refuse to move with
the flow. Don’t hold only to what
you have done to this point.
Remember that it is not the goal
but the path to that goal.
Do not become content and
complacent, for the donkey
promises even higher wisdom
and greater opportunities.”

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it!?
My mom knew of my fascination
and was amazed to find a donkey
with wings (the only one!)
in a museum gift store.
I now keep it near my bed
as a reminder to be open
to opportunity and wisdom
so I can continue to spread my wings.