Some days, I’m blessed by beauty
that I find sitting in my inbox!
Thought I’d share
some of the lovely images
sent by visitors
in recent weeks.

This glorious photo was sent by
Sherry in Wisconsin, who wrote:
“I’ve taken pictures of what I consider
to be beautiful
as references for my artwork for years,
but this gives me a new slant and purpose
for both taking photos and writing.
Many thanks!
I check your site almost every day now.
I took this photo yesterday,
in hopes of seeing the frost on my window
as something lovely
instead of mere something cold.”
After eavesdropping on these deer,
Gail in Canada wrote,
“Beauty at its best up here in the country
of Norway Bay, Quebec.”
And here’s how Kathi described the significance
of this sweet picture she sent in:
“I was touched by your photo on Jan. 7
of grandfather and son.
I have one I want to share with you
of my nephew’s daughter who is 4 months old.
She just reached out to grab
my brother in law’s fingers.
He was recently diagnosed
with stage 4 colon cancer.
I look at her tiny little pink, innocent fingers
reaching out grabbing his,
so unconditionally
and with wonder on her face.
I see hope and a continuation of life.”

Thanks to everyone who has
sent in pictures and stories.
Keep ’em coming
and keep celebrating
all that is beautiful
in your life!