What a joy it is to know
that so many of you
are capturing beauty
in your very own
winter wonderlands!
It’s so hard to choose favorites,
but I thought these three
different perspectives
were true gems.

I was really touched
by the email and picture above
sent in by Candace.
The picture was taken
by her brother, Cliff,
who loved nature photography
and tragically passed last year
in a motorcycle accident.
After his death,
Candace went through his computer
to view his pictures and says
she was moved
by the beauty of every day life
that he caught on camera.
For her, she says, it was an awakening.
She writes,
“Your blog has continued that for me.
Every day I am moved
by the simple beauty
and thankful for the new vision.
My life has been changed.”
Thank you so much, Candace,
for sharing a bit of the beauty
your brother left behind.

Sherry captured the icicle above,

hanging from one of her eaves,
sparkling in the sunshine
with beautiful wispy clouds
as a backdrop.

And Deb noticed this amazing,
“fantastical frost formation”
on a sewer grate on the street.
Doesn’t it look more like feathers than frost!?
I can’t stop looking at it!

Thanks, as always, for sharing!
You can send your beauty sightings to