I love church steeples, especially old weathered ones because I know they’ve seen it all over the years: answered prayers, everyday miracles, hope in crisis, faith in action.


I had a conversation today with friends about prayer. There’s an anonymous quote that says, “All prayers are answered if we are willing to admit that sometimes the answer is no.”


We all want a quick fix, a lightning bolt from above. And when it doesn’t come, when your prayer goes seemingly unanswered, it’s hard to believe in good or God. And no matter how much you believe things happen for a reason, as I do, it’s nearly impossible to accept when you’re drenched in grief.


So I pray tonight for those who are hurting to be given serenity and strength as they scrape the bottom of the faith barrel, grieving over lost dreams, lost loved ones, lost souls.


I can only hope the answer to this prayer is yes.