Somebody asked me the other day

for my definition of beauty.

I said it’s whatever makes

my heart sing, makes it skip a beat.

What I find beautiful –

like this bare tree at dusk –

may not always match

you think is beautiful.

And that’s the beauty in it,

don’t you think?

I’ve been humming this song

by Jason Mraz called

“The Beauty in Ugly.”

I guess it’s from the

TV show Ugly Betty.

It’s a good little ditty.

Remember when you saw E.T.

for the first time?

He was hideous to look at

when the movie started,

but by the end

his tender heart,

his funny quirks,

his compassion for others

made him endearing

and loveable…

and beautiful.

I think that’s the point

of the song.


She’s so big hearted
But not so remarkable
Just an ordinary humble girl
Expecting nothing
as we’re made to think
It’s a pretty person’s world

But you are beautiful
And you better go show it
So go look again
You gotta be true to your own
If you really wanna go to the top
Do you really wanna win
Don’t believe in leaving normal
Just to satisfy demand

Well if you wanna get free
And if you wanna do the passionate thing
And if you wanna get smart
For the sake of your heart and all
You should own your name
And stand up tall and get real
And see the beauty in ugly

Well you are fresh
Your face is fabulous
Don’t forget you’re one of a kind
When nobody’s checking the deeds you’ve done
And nobody’s hearing your cries
You make all the fashion statements
Just by dressing up your mind