I bought some poster board
and a glue stick today,
with the intention of creating
a vision board.
It helps you really focus
on what you want out of life.
You cut out words and images
that resonate with you,
that you dream of being or doing,
and then paste them to your board.

I thought my goals could use
a little fine tuning,
so I decided to make my own.
But just before I went to Target,
I noticed some poster board
sitting under a bunch of junk
in the garage.
I pulled it out and was shocked
to find some kind of vision board
that I had created at age 14.

I really don’t know why I made it,
why I kept it this long and
why I’d never noticed it before!
It was amazing to see the things
that I had pasted on that board,
things that were important to me
at the time and, I realized,
are important to me still.

Ok, I never married Jon Bon Jovi,
but the band’s music
can still lift me up
any day of the week!
This was like getting a letter
from my young self,
reminding me of who I am at the core.
Just like it says right there in the center:
“All you have to be is you.”