Driving through the fog
this morning,
I remembered something
I heard recently:

If the world was
completely dark
and you only had a flashlight
to light your way,
you would undoubtedly survive,
thanks to instinct and faith.

In fact, that’s the way
most of us live our lives now.
We have no idea
what’s in store for us
down the road,
but we keep following
the path that’s right in front of us,
blindly trusting that it leads
to something more.
Sometimes we ask for directions,
through prayer or advice or intuition,
but we never truly know
what we’ll find beyond the fog.

Without faith and instinct,
we’d break down
on the side of the road,
stuck in the same foggy place,
waiting to be rescued.
I’d rather dig out the flashlight
and find out what’s in store for me.
And, while I’m at it,
I plan to enjoy the journey.