Today was all about

I spent the afternoon
with some wonderful women
who were celebrating
National Scrapbooking Day
at a local store, Artsy Tartsy.
They’re incredibly talented
and passionate about their pastime,
which is terrific to witness.
to see images from the day
and some of the cool creations.

I then spent the evening
with my family,
celebrating the birthdays
of my Dad and my Nana.
Lots of love and laughs,
which is what it’s all about.

To cap off the day,
someone in our neighborhood
set off a spectacular fireworks display.
My mom and I took turns
holding my four-year-old,
his face pressed against the front door glass
(he thought it was too loud outside).
He was completely mesmerized
seeing his first real fireworks show
and it was magical to see it through his eyes.

I love any and every chance to celebrate
and today I found three!
I’m a lucky girl.