“A freak of nature.”
That’s all I thought
when I first spotted
this bizarre-looking flower
in my front yard.

However, the more I look at it,
the more I’m enchanted.
That mess of petals,
including the ones shooting
up from its center,
give it a cool punk rock look.
Have you ever seen
a daisy with a mohawk?

It wasn’t fair for me
to consider this flower a freak of nature
right off the bat.
Maybe the flower’s just expressing
its’ creative spirit
or trying to keep a chin up
despite life’s challenges
(I’m sure it wishes some days
that it looked like all the
dainty daisies all around it).

Let’s face it:
We’re all just trying our best
to bloom where we’re planted,
in spite of our issues,
our challenges,
our bad hair days.
Just like my new favorite flower:
the mighty mohawked daisy.