When I pulled into the garage today,
this little chipmunk
was just sitting on the shelf!
Had it been a mouse or rat,
I would have backed right out.
But I was delighted
by this welcoming committee of one.
Isn’t he darling?

I have an affinty for chipmunks
that goes back to my childhood,
when a tiny chipmunk
made a hole near our front stoop
and would visit me every day.
He wasn’t afraid of me
and I wasn’t afraid of him.
I named him
Skippy But the Biffy.
My family still teases me about it!

This little visitor today
(let’s call him Skippy II)
reminded me of how
fearless I used to be
of creatures great and small.
I’m realizing I could learn a thing or two
from the child I once was.