I realize this picture is no good,
but I just had to note
my Big Bird sighting today!

I pulled up into my parents’ driveway,
got out of the car
and suddenly noticed a HUGE turkey
(at least that’s what I’m guessing it was)
walking not 10 feet away from me.
This is not normal around here!

I was so stunned at first, I didn’t move.
Then, by the time I got into the car
for the camera,
he had already ducked into the woods
and was moving at a quick pace.
So, I apologize for the blurry pic.

This ranks up there
as one of my strangest sightings
during this journey.
But what I’ve found
is that when you’re
actively looking for beauty,
the great big world
likes to throw in a curve ball
every now and then.
And I love a good surprise!