I bought these daisies today
for my coffee table,
simply because I thought
they were sweet and simple.

But it turns out they’re much more!
According to the Daisy Paradise web site,
daisies have symbolized many things
through the ages.
Here’s an excerpt:

Daisies symbolize innocence,
simplicity, a newborn baby, sympathy
and cheerfulness in the language of herbs.
The red daisy means unconscious thoughts
and beauty unknown to the possessor.
Dreams of daisies in the spring
bring months of good luck.
To dream of your lover, place your shoes
outside the door and daisy roots under your pillow.

According to ancient Celtic legend,
daisies appeared from the spirits of children
who died at birth.
God sprinkled these bright lovely flowers
across the earth to cheer the grieving parents.

That humble little April flower is immortalized,
richly entwined in mythology, history, literature,
folklore and the magic of youth and innocence.
One could never send a bad message with daisies.
Maybe the daisy has been rewarded
because it symbolizes so many
good and virtuous things.