This is what remains
of a sweet little pink impatien
I discovered in the middle
of our lawn the other day.
I only remembered today
to go out and take a picture
of this tiny flower that beat the odds.

How did it find its way to the grass
and then manage to thrive?
It’s fairly easy to bloom
when you’re planted in fertile soil,
near flowers who are just like you,
where someone treats you with TLC.

But growing and blooming
outside your comfort zone,
where nothing feels familiar,
where it’s easy to get trampled on,
where everyone else
expects you to fail?
That takes guts.
And a whole lotta heart.

See that heart
at the very center of the flower?
Show your heart today!
Check out the brand new
Empathy Symbol web site,
created by one of my son’s former teachers.
It’s a GREAT idea
and one that can change the world.