Officially, this is the final day
of One Year of Beauty.
What a journey it has been.
I feel as though I have truly lived
one of my favorite quotes
from Wayne Dyer:

“Change the way you see things
and the things around you change.”

I now understand
that beauty shows itself
in every moment of every day
if we take the time to look up.
I now see
that there is light
even on the darkest days,
that every cloud does, indeed,
have a silver lining.
I now recognize
the power of
acknowledging and appreciating
every thing and every being
that catches my eye,
from the littlest ladybug to the tallest tree.
I now believe,
without a doubt,
we are all one and the same,
we are all beautiful.

This is both the final day
and a new beginning.
I will continue posting
my beauty sightings
and reflections,
though not daily.
I am so touched
by your frequent visits,
by your notes
of encouragment and thanks.
I hope you will continue
to come back,
but more importantly,
I hope you continue to
choose beauty.
It is in you,
it is all around you.
All you need to do
is look up.