Last night,
500,000 people
in 139 countries
came together
to share one common journey:
the path to enlightenment.
Oprah Winfrey
and visionary author
Eckhart Tolle
hosted the first of 10
“A New Earth,”
which has now been purchased
by millions of readers
who crave an awakening,
who want to be fully present for LIFE.

It thrills me to no end
that Oprah and Eckhart
discussed the first pages of his book,
in which he explains the spiritual
significance of acknowledging
and experiencing everyday beauty.

“When you are alert
and contemplate a flower,
crystal, or bird without
naming it mentally,
it becomes a window for you
into the formless,” he writes.
“There is an inner opening,
however slight,
into the realm of spirit.”

I am hopeful this discussion
has a ripple effect
like the one I witnessed today
in the sky,
drawing millions more
to the realization
that the Divine is ever-present
in our lives,
waiting for us to notice
and encouraging us to become
our greatest selves.