I’ve been meaning to share this picture
of the beautiful flowers my husband
sent to me last week for our wedding anniversary.
We’ve crammed a lot into these past nine years,
with way more laughter than tears
and lasting love and respect for one another.

Though our wedding was a lavish affair,
our recent anniversary went by
without much fanfare.
That’s the way it goes
for a busy couple with two little boys.
But tonight,
as our family ate at a local restaurant,
who was seated at the table right next to us?
The pastor who married us!
He moved away six years ago,
but returned to town this week
to visit friends and the State Fair.
What are the chances?!
We were delighted to see him,
to reminisce about our wonderful wedding day,
to introduce him to our boys
and to catch up on life.

It was the perfect anniversary present.
I believe the things we call coincidences
are actually miraculous synchronicities
orchestrated by the universe
to keep our hearts full of wonder.