I’m a city girl,
so watching this just-born chick
discover her surroundings
(including a nearby cousin
hatching from his own egg)
was incredible.

It only takes 21 days
from the time a hen lays an egg
to the birthday of the chick inside.
The nervous system develops
in just 20 hours,
the heart begins to beat after 40.
And during those last two days,
the baby bird breathes for the first time
with its little lungs.
Somehow, the chick knows
to poke a tiny hole in the shell for air
and to call out to its mama,
letting her know it’s ready to hatch.
That rapid development and
the innate connection between
mother hen and baby chick
boggles my mind
and gives me yet another reason
to believe in miracles.
(photo taken @ Minnesota State Fair)