There is no excuse
for going through life
without dancing.
Laurie and Nick
got married tonight
and danced the night away.
Watching them move in unison,
you’d never know they’re both deaf,
literally feeling the rhythm of each song
from head to toe,
with no room for self-consciousness.
In fact, they were the best dancers
on the floor.
Except, maybe, for my 84-year-old grandma,
who twisted and twirled like a teenager
with a lifelong friend, Ron (who’s 76).
They could have sat on the sidelines,
missing their spouses,
complaining of aches and pains,
letting the “young ones” own the floor.
But instead,
they let the music
sweep them off their feet.
Pink says it best
in one of her songs:
“If God is a DJ,
life is the dance floor,
love is the rhythm,
you are the music.
If God is a DJ,
life is a dance floor,
you get what you’re given,
it’s all how you use it.”