This cotton-ball-on-a-stick
is an overnight sensation!
Precious yellow dandelions
are classified as a weeds,
so children can pick them and love them
but grown-ups think they know better.
Maybe if they were labeled
“little wonders” instead of little weeds
we’d give them more respect.
They certainly deserve it.

Literally overnight,
a yellow dandelion
can morph into a “seed head” like this.
Many children make a wish and blow,
watching the seeds in that magic ball
scatter like feathers in the wind.
Amazingly, each tiny seed
has a sort of parachute
to help it fly through the air
and make a safe landing.

I think they are here to teach us
the art of allowing.
For the more you focus on
getting rid of dandelions,
the more they multiply.
Happy that you’re obsessing over them,
they are known to reproduce like crazy
just to give more of themselves.
And then you’re stuck
with a yard full of weeds…
or blessed with an abundance
of little wonders.