I recently heard a trend expert
say the peace symbol is “hot” again.
I hadn’t realized peace had ever
decreased in popularity,
but I do notice that universal symbol of love
in many more places lately –
from jewelry to shirts to tire covers.

Let’s hope everyone who’s wearing it
is living it, too.
Yes, we can envision a world without war,
devise strategies to end terrorism,
voice concerns about injustices occuring
in other cities, states and countries.
But to achieve peace somewhere else
we must first make it a priority at home.

So, the next time you see one of those
increasingly popular peace symbols,
view it as a nudge from the universe
to be a peacemaker
in your own backyard.
Write a thank you note.
Say something kind to your neighbor.
Forgive someone who caused you pain.
Listen closely.
Smile at the driver who cuts you off.
Compliment a stranger.
Hug your child when you want to yell.

As Gandhi said,
you must be the change
you want to see in the world.
Let’s be an army of peacemakers,
silently spreading goodness and light
wherever we go.