As I drove home tonight,
I turned the steering wheel
and was suddenly startled
by the sight of this bright blue feather
clinging to the wheel.
I was so surprised,
I think my heart jumped into my throat!

I have seen this feather once before.
Nearly a week ago,
when I picked up my son
from a kids’ yoga class,
everyone was waving electric blue feathers
in the air.

I thought for sure he left his behind after class.
Even if he did take it with him,
how, when and why
would it show up out of the “blue”
on my steering wheel
six days later?

Perhaps I’m overreacting,
but I happen to believe feathers
are powerful messengers.
In the history of many cultures,
from Egyptians to Native Americans,
feathers have symbolized
communication with the heavens.
I have often heard
that discovering a white feather
means an angel
has crossed your path.
But this electric blue feather
has me stumped,
unless my angels
were once Vegas showgirls!