I’m not a big fan of Tax Day,
but not for the reasons you might suspect.

It’s become an annual occasion
to gripe and groan
about money:
how much we make,
how much we spend,
how much is saved,
how much is taken,
how much we need it,
and how much we hate it.

Rarely do we spend
April 15th
giving thanks for all the things
our money can buy,
from food to furniture,
shelter to shoes.
I like money.
In fact, I would like more of it.

But I’m pretty confident that
I won’t get it
by complaining about it.
So, lay down your weapons,
break down your walls
and find a way to attract
instead of repel
a great big pile of the green stuff.
And then expect great things
to come your way!
Happy Tax Day.