What a deal!
I bought a bag of fresh bagels
and got some free motivation on the side.

The past two days had included
countless hours of driving and flying home
from family vacation,
and then a night in the ER with a sick baby.
Needless to say,
I was tired.
And cranky.

After the cashier rang up my bag of bagels,
he asked,
“Do you have everything you need?”
I nodded yes.
“Ok, then I guess your only job
is to have a perfect day.”

He smiled and I smiled back,
repeating his words in my head.
I absolutely have everything I need,
I thought,
and so many blessings on top of that.
And the one and only person
who can make my day perfect
is me.

That’s easy to say
when my day is going well;
it’s harder to do
in the face of life’s little challenges.
But I was reminded
right there in the bagel shop
that no person or circumstance
can make me have a bad day.
I get to choose
how to react.
I have the power to decide.

No matter what’s on my to-do list
or how many curve balls come my way,
my most important job
is to have a perfect day.