What if the nightly news reported
this breaking story
straight from your backyard:

“Researchers have discovered the dandelion,
considered for years to be a pesty weed
with no intrinsic value,
is actually a sign of incoming
peace and prosperity
for those who choose to appreciate
its’ simple beauty
rather than spray it with flower poison.
Experts recommend keeping
as many dandelions in your yard
as possible.”

Would you, could you
change your ways?
Who convinced us to treat dandelions,
those sweet little sunbursts
popping up wherever green grass grows,
like an enemy till eternity?
What if we just changed our minds
and began to view those little weeds
as little wonders?
We’ve trained our minds
to think a lawn covered in dandelions
is ugly and unkempt.
But we’ve trained our minds
to think a lot of things,
many of which
were never true to begin with.