A few years ago
at a radio industry conference,
I sat in a hotel ballroom
with a few dozen people
and watched an up-and-coming
country singer
perform his latest tunes
on a make-shift stage.
His name was Keith Urban.
I’d never heard of him,
but a friend had told me he was good.

I still get goosebumps
thinking about that day,
when this cute country guy
with the Australian accent
blew the doors off that hotel.
He and his band played
like there were 10,000 people watching.

I sat with my jaw firmly placed
on the conference table,
enchanted by his
and talent.
It was clear we were watching
a superstar in the making.

During a Q&A afterwards,
someone asked him if he ever
hoped to work with
fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman.
Keith laughed, shook his head
and said she was way out of his league.

Fast forward to last night:
my husband and I stood
in a packed arena,
singing along with this
superstar performer
and wondering if his wife,
Nicole Kidman,
might be somewhere backstage.
What a difference a few years makes!

Note to Self:
Never count yourself out.
Never back down.
Never think of anything or anyone
as being way out of your league.
Anything is possible.