It must take serious courage
to be such a little creature
facing a big open road,
hoping against all hope
that you can make it
to the other side.

This morning,
a mama duck and five or six
of her tiny ducklings
held up traffic
on the highway.
When I saw them waddling along,
they still had a long way to go,
and I’ve been wondering all day
whether that little feathered family
made it to safety.

And then there was this guy,
a slow and steady turtle
trying to make his way
from one grassy yard to another.
After two teenagers
stopped their car
to let him pass,
I walked up behind him
and he hurriedly (at least for a turtle)
scooted up into the grass,
seemingly relieved
to be safe and sound
once I stepped away.

getting where you’re going
requires a whole lot of bravery

and a little bit of help.